Best payday loan consolidation -Hurry up and Request consolidate your payday loans

Hurry up and Request consolidate your payday loans

Do you have too many payday loans outstanding? Do you want to reduce your monthly payments?

Via PaydayLoanConsolidation company, consolidating your payday loans can be the solution to your needs.

A credit grouping adapted to your needs and your situation.

Credit consolidation consists of taking all of your current credits and combining them into one single credit. The rate and duration of this new loan will be reviewed to best suit your needs.

Across Lender offers you a single, more advantageous monthly payment. This will allow you to lighten your monthly budget. Buying back credit is the solution for balanced budget management.

Who can apply for credit consolidation?

Who can apply for credit consolidation?

You can make a credit application for consolidation if you:

  • Reside in Belgium or Luxembourg;
  • Are at least 18 years of age;
  • Receive regular income;
  • Not on file with the Best Bank.

Why combine your credits?

Why combine your credits?

  • The interest rate will be more advantageous;
  • The monthly payments will be reduced;
  • The choice on formulas and borrowing possibilities;
  • No bad surprise thanks to our advice.

The advantages of consolidating your loans?

  • Reduction of your budget;
  • Consolidate your loans into one;
  • A unique monthly payment;
  • A single contact;
  • A better interest rate;
  • A gain in financial stability;
  • No bad surprise, thanks to our Across Lender advisers.

The advantage of reducing the monthly payments of your credit with a consolidation

Are your debts piling up? Do you have several credits in progress? Does your income no longer allow you to easily pay your monthly payments?

In this case, the only option is to lighten your monthly payments via credit consolidation.

It will again allow you to easily pay off your debts. In addition, the reduction of monthly payments is an ideal solution to avoid over-indebtedness. By reducing your monthly payments, you optimize your purchasing power, you have better savings; which allows you to finance the desired purchases.

Our Across Lender advisers are at your disposal and advise you according to your budget.

The calculation of credit consolidation is to be entrusted to professionals because it is complex. Trust our specialist advisers to help you find the best solution in your credit consolidation.

More info on credit consolidation

What is a credit union?

A credit consolidation, also called loan repurchase, is a solution that consists of combining your loans into a single credit in order to optimize your repayment.

How to request a credit union?

  1. Calculate your grouping via our simulator;
  2. Enter your credit consolidation online;
  3. Across Lender will contact you as soon as possible to continue your request;
  4. Sign the contract for your loan repurchase with one of our advisers;
  5. Payless every month.

How to request a credit consolidation?

  1. Think about all the credits you have in progress;
  2. Tell us how much you have left to repay for each of these credits;
  3. Enter this information in the credit consolidation simulator;
  4. One of our advisers will analyze, with you, the financial solution that meets your needs;
  5. Subscribe your loan buyout.

How much does a credit consolidation cost?

The debit interest rate defines the cost of your credit union, but the cost also depends on the amount you borrow and the length of time you choose to repay your loan. Installment loans can be grouped together.

What is the Global Annual Effective Rate?

The APR (Annual Effective Annual Rate) is a percentage that represents the total cost of your loan per year. It includes interest and all costs related to a loan. It also includes insurance premiums whose subscription has been required by the lender.

Do I need to take out insurance for credit consolidation?

You are in no way obliged to take out insurance, but it can, however, be advised. Because it is wise and important to consider the worst, namely your death, we will offer you outstanding balance insurance which will save your loved ones from assuming the responsibility of repaying your loan in the event of death before the term of the contract.

Can I cancel a credit union?

You can cancel your loan within 14 working days of signing your contract / SECCI.

What is SECCI?

SECCI is a document otherwise known as standardized European information on consumer credit.

What will happen if I don’t pay back on time?

After three unpaid monthly payments, you will be reported to the Best Bank. You risk not being able to take out a loan anymore because banks or lending institutions are obliged to inquire with it before granting consumer credit.

You can consolidate credit for your personal loan, mortgage, and decrease your monthly payments. Simulate your online credit opening.

At Across Lender your file is in good hands!

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