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Best Oysters in LA: Find Happy Hour Oyster Deals in Los Angeles


There is an old aphorism that oysters should only be eaten in months that end with an “R”. But thanks to practiced agriculture and new cultivation techniques, this is simply no longer true. This is great news for Angelenos, as LA has recently become a hotspot for oyster bars. Besides being absolutely delicious, oysters are also becoming more and more popular because they have a net positive impact on the environment (they actually filter and cleanse seawater), and some people even consider them to be vegan. .

LA restaurants stock up on exceptional oysters grown on farms on the west coast of Baja California in Washington. This is primarily one of two species of oysters, either the tiny bowl-shaped Kumamotos or the round, deep, and sweet Pacific oysters like Kumiais and Kusshis. Many restaurants also serve more remote locations like Cape Cod, Maryland, and New Brunswick. Atlantic oysters are flatter, more brackish bivalves, such as Bluepoints, Wellfleets, and Beau Soleils.

But even within a species, not all oysters taste the same. The taste is totally dependent on the sea level of each area, including factors such as the salinity of the water, the content of the sand and the exposure to air. So you should probably try every type of oyster you can get your hands on to determine which one you prefer. Just to be sure. Here are 17 oyster bars and restaurants where we love to post for a good oyster (some of which even have happy hours).