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Allen Iverson’s nightclub visit cost him $260,000 in 2007, thanks to ‘rib-crushing’ bodyguard


Allen Iverson picked the wrong nightclub to visit in 2007 when a fight broke out. Iverson and his bodyguards were sued for $20 million soon after.

The 76ers guard is one of the greatest players in NBA history to never win a championship ring. He tried many times and he was on some teams that really came close. However, he never captured that elusive dream.

Iverson’s vintage move was his crossover. He regularly destroyed opponents with his sharp grips, and the only player who came close to his level of ball handling was Kyrie Irving. Iverson even got the great Michael Jordan with his move.

Iverson’s other vintage moment came in the 2001 NBA Finals when he shot Tyronn Lue and then stepped over him. The blow came in a massive upset win over the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, and even though the 76ers ultimately lost the series 4-1, the moment goes down in history.

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Allen Iverson had to pay $260,000 for his bodyguard’s actions

The then-Philadelphia 76ers guard was visiting a Washington nightclub in 2005 when things got heated. A fight broke out at the club and Iverson and his team were embroiled in the mess.

Two men, plaintiffs Marlin Godfrey and David Anthony Kittrell, alleged that Iverson’s bodyguard severely beat them after the couple did not immediately make room for the star guard in the VIP section of the bar.

They sued Iverson and his bodyguard, Jason Kane, for $20 million for assault, infliction of emotional distress, negligence and conspiracy.

Iverson disputed the lawsuit, saying he and his team arrived at the nightclub, saw a fight break out, and left after about 20 minutes of seeing it all.

Godfrey’s lawyer, Gregory Lattimer, said there was no way Godfrey was planning to hurt himself so badly that his head was cut open. “He went through all this because he knew one day he was going to sue you?” Lattimer asked Iverson on the stand to which Iverson said no.

In the end, a federal jury awarded Godfrey $260,000 to cover his medical expenses and pain, but they dropped any punitive damages that might have increased the payout.

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