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5 restaurants around Toronto that offer delicious dairy-free classics


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know veganism is going through a big time right now. It has moved beyond the perception of “new fashion” to become the new normal. And as anyone who has lived in and around Toronto knows, being vegan in the city is nothing short of a delight. Even we big meat eaters can’t deny that vegan meals are colorful, flavorful, and lip-smacking. And for that we can thank the expertise of creative chefs and brands like Violife.

Just ICYMI Violife is a huge vegan brand that is eliciting a lot of love from foodies and chefs for revolutionizing dairy free cheese. With its 13 different varieties of cheese, the brand has given vegetable cheese the same sticky taste as dairy cheese.

Violife is also the only brand to offer a money back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t like their cheese alternatives. As cheese fanatics (and skeptics) ourselves, we’ve obviously tried Violife. And boy, did we love it!

Photo via Violife

As well as ensuring that vegans are no longer culinary outcasts, the brand is also championing the dairy-free lifestyle in a very unique and interesting way. They recently dared IG-fave chef Matty Matheson to take the Dare dairy products. To our surprise and that of his other supporters, he agreed. Soon after, restaurants in 6ix and beyond began to rise to the challenge as well.

Below are five of our favorite restaurants – three in town, one in Hamilton and one in Prince Edward County (PEC) favorite stays and their new additions to Violife’s laden menu. Whichever camp you belong to – dedicated vegan, water tester, or meat lover – these melt-in-the-goo delicacies are worth trying.

La Bartola

Of course, La Bartola tops the list. The plant-based Mexican restaurant has just added a new quesadilla to its menu with Violife’s Mediterranean-style vegan “Grill Me” cheese.

This pitchfork planted

This all-in-one vegan foodie haven has a multiverse of ‘sandos’ with two new ones just added to its Hamilton Market portfolio. Of course, they’re made with slices of Violife Cheddar. Chicken Bacon Ranch with Chicken and tempeh bacon blending with that Violife flavor calls us to the hammer.

Morning parade cafe-bar

This Gerrard St cafe has many followers for its vegan breakfast sandwich, The Parade Special, available all day. This vegan sausage and scrambled tofu sandwich is packed with delicacies with Violife cheddar-style slices.

One night pizza only

The popular pizza restaurant has now presented its first vegan pizza, The Danforth Vegan, made with Violife Mozzarella style shreds that are stretchy like hell! Vegan cheese is so delicious that ONO also offers it as a replacement for all of its other signature pies. Spice Potato, here we come!

Adega wine bar

The PEC Wine Bar lives up to its promise of “damn good wine, good people”. And now they’ve extended that promise with a damn good vegan cheese board curated with four varieties of Violife. Enter the Creamy Violife with Chives, Feta Style, Parmesan Style and EPIC Smoked Cheddar Style.

Think you can assume #DairyFreeDare? Here, check out the Violife Insta and website for all the recipe inspiration you need. And once you’re done drooling over the tantalizing photos, head to your nearest store to select the dairy-free cheeses of your choice. FYI, they’re available at many health food stores and pretty much every supermarket including Walmart, Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro, Longo’s, and many more. You can consult the complete list here.