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5 cafes with hidden treasures to discover


Local cafes are more for serving than places to catch a caffeine buzz. These are places to socialize, intellectualize, organize, and sometimes have a helluva sandwich all at the same time.

Milwaukee has lost a few iconic cafes recently, including The Original Fuel Cafe, Comet Cafe, and, after this weekend, Brewed.

And Covid, for now, may have reduced blockages in the long run, but there are still plenty of cozy, caffeine-ready coffees ready to spill out of cups with liquid ambition. Some also offer delivery and delivery.

Here are five new to you – or not so new to you – Brew City cafes.

Dream lab
327 National Avenue West, (414) 210-4104


Located in the heart of Walker’s Point and home to some of the best sports-themed murals in town, Dream Cafe serves coffee and craft beer in a relaxed and creative environment. Read the Dream Lab origin story here.

Canarian Cafe-Bar
720 N. Old World Third St.


canary coffeeX

Located inside the historic Hotel Wisconsin, the family-run Canary Coffee Bar has a hip and airy vibe and serves coffee from a variety of different roasters. Read Canary’s full story here.

Fuel on 5
630 S. 5th


fuel coffeeX

Fuel on 5th is a locally owned motorcycle-themed cafe, bar and restaurant that’s ironically touted as “killer cafe, lousy service” since 1993. Learn more about Fuel 5th Street here.

Hi-Fi Cafe
2640 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue.

hi-fi cafeX

This iconic cafe has a timeless look, feel and menu that has organically positioned it as one of Milwaukee’s most beloved cafes since the mid-1990s.

Pine nuts coffee
3385 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue.

pinion coffeeX

The bike-themed, female-owned Sprocket Cafe is a small, welcoming shop with fresh coffee, sandwiches, and a bakery. Read the story of the Sprocket here.


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