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1973 GMC Sierra Pickup Render Can’t Get Much Lower


It’s 1973 GMC Sierra, though not the one you know, continues to make the rounds as a rusty workaholic on the nearby farm.

This is a rendered concept of a fully restored, lowered classic pickup from the 70s, focusing on American design in place of modern sports car ethos.

Served by Personalizatuauto via Instagram, the rendering we have in front of us is remarkable for the use of the base vehicle that it makes and in its execution.

We take a closer look at the artist’s rendition of a classic workhorse turned drag racer and see if they’re onto something.

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The Custom 1973 GMC Sierra Truck Is Low, Very Low

Of course, the first thing to notice about the lowered GMC Sierra is that it just scrapes the ground. With that in mind, we’re sure the rugged drivetrain’s ability to navigate the wastelands is a bit compromised.

In gloss black with a custom widebody and modified bumpers, it’s low, wide and looks mean. We particularly like the details and trim that retain much of the appeal of the original.

Speaking of original appeal, most of the features of the 1970s truck are present and correct. The taillights, grille, headlights, side trim, greenhouse and door handles are all there.

What isn’t stock are the deep, large-diameter wheels that sit deep in the wheel arches of the truck and are somewhat at odds with the stock purpose of the truck. His new goal is well established.

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C/K truck from GMC and Chevy, resto-modified and looking for dope

It was in the 1960s that the line of C/K trucks shared between Chevrolet and GMC began its long and interesting history. The 1973 third generation would give us the Sierra you see here. It could at different times come with anything from a 4.1-liter straight-six engine to a massive 7.4-liter V8.

The C/K truck line will last for a few decades and for Chevrolet, the Silverado SUV name will eventually appear.

That classic grill and styling is arguably timeless and under the hood we should opt for the 7.4-liter V8 option and a loud, big exhaust.

In reality, the low ride height and overall design aren’t suitable for track driving, let alone drag racing. We can’t help but appreciate the use of an automotive workhorse icon and a few tasteful upgrades, save for the lowered stance that’s almost like having your cake and eating it.

We look forward to seeing more cars in unlikely pinch/tuck operations in the future. Until then, these wheels seem to need some more polishing.