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11 stunning Melbourne pubs and bars with alfresco dining, drinking


By Benjamin Lamb

Melbourne’s pubs and bars with outdoor restaurants and bars are in high demand now, but fear not, we’ve got 11 of the best here for you.

Vaccinated Melburnians will be free to eat and drink al fresco in Melbourne bars and pubs (with a few exceptions) this Friday, after 262 days of lockdown. Finally, we can slowly start to return to the things we love, live music, great food, and seeing our friends and family.

To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of the best pubs and bars in our city that we can enjoy outdoors starting at 11.59pm on Thursday night.

What would you like to know

  • Melbourne pubs and bars can open to 50 people for alfresco dining and drinking
  • These changes will take effect on Thursday, October 22 at 11:59 p.m.
  • When Victoria reaches 80% fully immunized, restrictions will ease further

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The local hotel

Before heading back to the group room tucked behind the iconic The Corner post, it’s time to check out their cool enough outdoor space to enjoy those long-awaited bevs.

Their outdoor space, located behind the venue, has been redesigned to offer a fully stocked bar and tasty snacks to enjoy with friends. With Melbourne’s 4 seasons in one day, the outdoor area has heaters and covered areas, ensuring it is always a pleasant experience for the cooler days.

In addition, as we also move during the summer of sport, the outdoor area has a massive TV on which you can watch the latest in tennis, cricket and much more.

Check out their website here to book a tour and see what you can order.

The Imperial Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Burke St, you’ll find the impressive Imperial Hotel, everyone’s favorite place to meet a friend or two.

Their rooftop will be open this weekend for amazing snacks and drinks, overlooking Melbourne’s beautiful landscape, with the stunning city views transporting you to a place like New York. Some of their hottest dishes are their mouth-watering fried chicken fillets, their charcuterie plate full of jam and, of course, everyone’s favorite pub meal, a Parma.

They have a small outdoor area on the ground floor where you can bring your four-legged friends for a bit of adventure.

Find out some additional information and book in a table here.

Wesley anne

The gem hidden behind the gates of Wesley Anne is worth a visit once in your life.

The place offers some of the best food you have ever tasted, the meals taste like what your mother would make, the meals are prepared with a lot of time and care. Some of their meals include a delicious gnocchi with truffle and herbs, a fillet of kangaroo and a curry of the day. Check Out All The Other Awesome Meals Here.

They have a number of sections throughout their location, a relaxed beer garden, and a nice, well-spaced group room for when things open up a bit more.

Book a visit here.

Bar du Bon Ciel

If you fancy a drink or two on the rooftop, head to the Good Heavens Bar on Burke St.

They are dedicated to bringing customers some of the best cocktails in town, their massively stocked bar has any kind of cocktail and spirit you can think of, you might even find your new favorite. These are things like Pompello Spritz, Smoked Monty Spritz, and classics like Cosmopolitans and Whiskey Sours.

They also have some pretty tasty snacks to help the drinks go down a bit easier, you can check out what they have on offer here.

Book a table now in their rooftop bar.

The Fitzroy beer garden

Fitzroy’s incredible beer garden is a mainstay of Melbourne pubs and bars with alfresco dining, and it provides customers with phenomenal food, great service and fine drinks.

Their beer garden reopens this Saturday and they are brewing drinks and making delicious snacks for you to enjoy. They don’t have a huge menu, but the things they offer do it perfectly. Check out the food and drink menu here.

Once we get closer to normal, the FBG occasionally hosts fun trivia nights, cool events, and DJ gigs. The quiz nights also coincided with a fairly sweet drink offering of $ 20 in Parma. Book a quiz night here.

Book a table from this weekend here.

The retreat hotel

Another staple of Melbourne’s music scene, The Retreat is equally known for its incredible food and drink.

Their menu is packed with pub classics like burgers, parma, and pies, so you’re bound to find something to please. A few weeks after this weekend’s reopening, The Retreat is hosting a star-studded “Comeback Special” to enjoy some form of return to normal. They have a bunch of shows happening in November and December with some of Melbourne’s best musicians. Check out the list here.

Book a visit to The Retreat’s beer garden here.

Soleil Levant Hotel Richmond

The Rising Sun Hotel has been around since the 1800s and has seen many incarnations and adapted to the present day, with its outdoor section set to open next week.

They have a pretty cool menu full of all kinds of stuff; Popcorn chicken, Vindaloo beef curry, porterhouse steak and even quinoa salad. If this makes your mouth water, you can order it to go if you are a Richmond resident. When things get back to normal, they have a different special every day – $ 20 for burgers and parma, and drink specials like a $ 4 pot of beer or a $ 7 Canadian Club – you’ll only get spoiled for choice.

Find out some additional information about the hotel and book a visit here.

Article 8

Located in one of Melbourne’s renowned lanes, Section 8 is a hidden gem you’ll want to share with all of your friends and family.

There isn’t much online about this place, but the near-perfect Google rating and massive Insta presence show it to be one of the coolest places in our great state. . Their outdoor space is very Melbourne, nestled among the magnificent artwork and lane atmosphere.

You don’t need to book, but keep an eye on their social media below for any information on limits and opening rules.

Loop roof and loop top

One of the nicest spots on this list of Melbourne pubs and bars offering alfresco dining and drinking, Loop Roof on level three and Loop Top on level four brings the alfresco dining and drinking experience to its natural conclusion with alluring greenery and extraordinary views.

They serve a range of sharing plates, quesadillas, charcuterie boards and sides, but their real strength is being a bar that serves a fantastic range of cocktails, wines and beers.

Their rooms are open for reservations here, although Loop Top is purely walk-in.

The spy

Drinking al fresco with a view of St Kilda beach?

The Espy has gone through a huge process of upgrading its outdoor facilities for street food and drinking, to add to its traditional outdoor space and balcony.

The St Kilda Pub is a legitimate landmark serving pub classics, baked pizzas, burgers, and a collection of seaside snacks, but also has a Cantonese restaurant called Mya Tiger and a full restaurant menu. So there really is something for everyone.

To take advantage of all this, you will need a vaccination passport. Check out our simple guide to getting one here.


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